Public network

The public may connect to TVSD_Public. The passkey is "GoRaiders2019". By design, the public network is available in limited areas of the district and is deliberately slower.

Staff personal devices

  • Request user-access to TVNET-STAFF
  • Once access is granted you may connect to the WIFI network labeled TVNET-STAFF
  • You will be prompted to enter your network user ID and password.


  • Some models of phone may require the user ID to be entered with the domain preceding it along with the backslash, as such: "tvsd\jdoe"
  • Android users may need to select the "Do not validate" certificate option
  • iPhone users may need to select "Trust" for the certificate to load

*Note - Students will not be able to connect their personal devices effective July 1 2019. Students may only connect using their 1:1 device.