ViewSonic / myViewboard


Here you can:

  • Create your myViewBoard Account
  • Install the myViewBoard Software App
  • Use Quickboard
  • Learn how students connect to your Quickboard


Here you can:

  • Watch examples of myViewBoard lessons
  • Determine the multi interactive tools and resources for students/teacher interaction


"How To" Tutorials

Here you can:

  • Navigate your MyViewBoard
  • Use the windows toggle button, screenshot, and record buttons
  • Investigate different pen types
  • Embed files, web browser, and pictures onto a canvas
  • Practice throwing, sharing screens, receiving screens


Share ideas

Here you can:

  • Determine ways you can rethink your instruction using board tools
  • Add to the Get Creative hyper doc ways you can use the board to actively engage students in creating content instead of receiving content