Teacher Webpages & Web Profiles

Teacher classroom webpages are no longer required; however any webpages that teachers or grade-level teams wish to maintain will be made using Google Sites. For help setting up a new or existing page and/or connecting it to the School website, please contact the Tech Dept or submit a ticket to the Helpdesk.

In place of maintaining Teacher web pages or class pages, Teachers must, at the very least, maintain their web site profile. The website profile information appears in the Staff Directory found on all TVSD web pages.

How to update your staff directory profile...

Teachers may update their Staff Directory profile at anytime. By default the staff directory will include the teacher's name, their photo and their email address.

Teachers may also update their website profile with their web site information (if they created a site using Google Sites etc) or professional social media information, by doing the following:

  1. Start by going to your building website and click the Login at the top

  2. Enter your computer user ID and password (example: "jsmith" etc.)

  3. Once you have logged-in, click your username at the top of the screen

  4. Click the "Edit User" tab

  5. Click the "User Profile" tab

  6. You may update the following information:

    1. Job Title - most likely "Teacher"

    2. Self description - List any degrees or certifications you have achieved (separate each by a comma or semi-colon)

    3. Website - the link to your Google site (if you have one)

    4. Personal message - a brief blurb about you

    5. Room - not necessary

    6. Office hours - not necessary

    7. Social media fields - only include professional pages / links etc

    8. Work address - not necessary

    9. Home address - leave blank

    10. Telephone numbers - only enter the building main number in the field labeled Work. Leave all others blank.

  7. Once you are done, click "Update User" at the bottom

Be sure to logout of the website (click Logout at the top).

Note: refrain from posting any virtual meeting information in your website profile. You may also want to omit links to Seesaw or Google Classroom or Schoology, since the public will not typically have access to those sites.

Here's an example of a profile page with the various fields filled-in