Tech Services

The Twin Valley Technology Department acquires and maintains tools to enhance the learning experience for all students. This is achieved by providing a network with good integrity, and by providing platforms where learning is enhanced through collaboration.


TVSD utilizes Google's education solution, called G Suite, as the common platform for teaching and learning. Curriculum at TVSD will include a focus on digital content and accessibility, allowing students to consume and develop content via the cloud.

Staff and students receive continuous training on Google drive, productivity and Google Classroom as the core tools for collaboration, development and communication. Students 7-12, receive a Google email account usable within the Google domain and the TVSD domain only. This means that students may not send or receive email to outside email addresses.

Click here for more information on the TVSD Google Apps for Education domain.

Student Information System (eSchoolPlus, Home Access Center)

The student information system (SIS) is eSchoolPLUS, developed by Sungard, and was adopted by the district in the summer of 2015. Likewise, the district's IEP data is maintained in IEP Plus, also a Sungard product.

Student registration and demographic data is maintained by school administration.

Parents and student gain access to grades and other information using Home Access Center (HAC). Click here to login to HAC.

Twin Valley WIFI

TVSD maintains several wifi networks, each designed for a specific purpose and stakeholder group.

Public wifi is made available to those members of the TVSD community wishing to bring their device on our campuses. Access to the Public wifi network (TVSD_PUBLIC) is free and does not require a user ID or password. *Please note - content via the Public wifi network will be limited to certain bandwidth levels and types of content. Typically, streaming content or graphic-intensive media will be prohibited across the Public wifi in order to give priority connectivity to student and staff exclusive networks.

Other wifi networks include a BYOD specific network and a district-owned-device network.


TVSD has committed to using the Microsoft Office suite of productivity tools for all client desktops and laptops. MS Word, Excel and Powerpoint will be installed as a standard. Outlook (for email) will only be available to staff.