Printing + Copying

TVSD has committed to creating a unified and secure printing and copying environment through the use of Canon devices and software.

How do I print?

Rather than printing to a specific printer, everyone will print to the virtual print queue called "TVSD_Secure_Print". This allows you to retrieve your print job at any CANON copier or printer in the district.

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How do I access the "virtual" printer?

Simply add it as though you were adding a new printer.

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Is this compatible with Google?

Yes, printing from Google is the most flexible! You can print from Google to the new Google cloud printer called "TVSD Google Secure Printer", plus many more options!

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I have an Apple device, how do I print?

Apple users can print using our mobile print option.

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Scanning & Finishing options...

Stapling, collating, 2-sided printing, these devices can do it all.

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