Microsoft + Home Use

Windows 10

Twin Valley runs on the Windows 10 platform. This will be most evident on both student desktop and staff laptop computers. We have listed some helpful tutorials and links to familiarize yourself with Windows 10.

Experience Windows 10

Windows 10 FAQ's

How do I set my default browser?

How do I adjust my display settings?

How do I edit my Start Menu?

How do I add a printer?

  1. Right-click the Start button
  2. Click Control Panel
  3. Choose "View devices and printers"
  4. At the top, click "Add a printer"
  5. Before the list finishes populating, go ahead and click "The printer that I want isn't listed"
  6. Select "Find a printer..." and click Next
  7. In the Name field, start to type the building abbreviation (all printer names begin with the building in which they are located). For example, if I want a middle school printer type "ms" and click Find Now
  8. All the printers for your location will be listed. Scroll down the list and make your selection.
  9. Select the printer and click OK

The driver/software for the printer will automatically load and the printer will be available to you in your list of devices. *Note - to make that printer the default printer, right-click the printer in your list of devices and select "Set as default printer".

Home Use Program

Under the Home Use Program (HUP), you and our other employees who are users of qualifying applications at work (e.g. Office Enterprise) may acquire a licensed copy of the corresponding Home Use Program software (e.g. Office Enterprise) to install and use on a home computer. You may continue using HUP software while you are under our employment and as long as the corresponding software you use at work has active Software Assurance coverage.

The Home Use Program allows you to purchase The Microsoft Office Suite for $9.95. If you choose, a copy has been reserved for you. The Office suite is available in both the Microsoft and Apple formats.

*NOTE - you will observe that Project and Visio are available as well. Please note, that while there is a copy of the Office suite available to all employees, Project and Visio license quantities are limited. Check with the Technology department before purchasing either product.

To access the Microsoft Home Use Program Web site:

  1. Go to
  2. Select the country to which you want your order to be shipped to and choose the language for viewing the order Web site.
  3. Enter your corporate e-mail address and insert the following program code - C635FA900E
  4. Note: This program code is assigned to our organization for our sole use in accessing this site. You may not share this number with anyone outside our organization.
  5. Place your order online, and it will be shipped to the location you have chosen. Please note that a fulfillment fee will be charged to cover packaging, shipping, and handling costs.

We trust you will enjoy this benefit and look forward to your participation.