All employees are issued a TVSD.ORG (Microsoft Exchange) email account as well as a TVSD.INFO (Google) account.

Outlook Web App

TVSD Employees may access email (especially while outside the district) using the browser version of Outlook called 'Outlook Web App' (OWA). You may access OWA from our website by clicking the "Staff" link, then "Outlook Web App" or by clicking here.

'Conversation View' vs. 'List View' - by default, OWA lists emails by conversation. If you prefer the more traditional list view, click Filter > Show as > Messages

Mail, Calendar and Contacts may be accessed by clicking the grid or waffler icon at the upper left.


1 - List of folders (you can click the little triangle beside the folder to expand it)

2 - List of emails to preview

3 - Reading pane


1 - Currently viewed month and list of available calendars

2 - Calendar (month, week or day view)

3 - Planner (can be collapsed by clicking the ">>"


Settings are accessible by clicking the gear icon at the upper right.

Settings include email signature, changing your password, changing the theme etc.

How to add the account to your phone

*Note: these are general instructions since each phone/device is different, the exact terminology and configuration will be different per device.


  1. Enter Settings or wherever you are able to add accounts.
  2. Add the following settings:
  3. Account type = Exchange or Corporate
  4. Domain =
  5. Username = tvsd\[username] (example: tvsd\jdoe)
  6. Email account =
  7. Certificate type = SSL/TSL
  8. Server name =