TVSD Calendars

The TVSD Calendars, available on the website, are managed by each building and at the district office. There are several ways to get the calendars linked to your personal device.

*Please note that the instructions listed below are general as to apply to as many devices as possible. Unique and personal settings on your device may prevent a connection to the district or building calendars.

Can I subscribe to the calendar?

You sure can! From the District Calendar page, try any one of these methods...

Sync using iCal or RSS

(this method will keep you up to date as calendar events are added)

    1. Click the Share button and select "iCal/RSS Feed"
    2. Select either iCal or RSS and follow the instructions on the page

Email alerts

  1. Click the Share button and select "Subscribe to email alerts"
  2. Fill in the necessary info then click "Add Alert"

Export events (for a 1x export of the calendar's events)

  1. Click the Share button and select "Export Events"
  2. Select the file format (CSV or iCal) and click 'Export Events"

Copy link to this view

  1. Click the Share button and select "Copy link to this view"
  2. This will copy the link to the calendar webpage to your clipboard for sharing
calendar share menu

Can I see events from multiple calendars?

Yes! Click the Share button and select "View other calendars"

  1. Select the building(s) whose calendars you wish to view by clicking the "+" to view all calendars associated with the building
  2. Place a check mark beside each calendar you wish to view
  3. Click "View Selected"
multi-calendar select


Download the TVSD web app here.

Tap the "Calendar" button for the updated event list for each building. The contents of the calendar in the app will auto update as changes are made to the district calendar.