Parents' Guide to Google

The TVSD GOOGLE domain is available at The .INFO top-level domain (TLD) is typically used by domains/services where the exchange of valuable resources, research, learning and pertinent information is paramount. This is, in essence, our chance to contribute to the grass-roots efforts that have made Google what it is today, and to realize our Googliness.

TVSD will use Google Docs, Drive, Classroom and Mail with TVSD students in both the Middle School and High School. Students will be issued a TVSD.INFO email account that will allow them to communicate to teachers and collaborate with content and resources our teachers provide. Student email accounts will not allow them to send or receive email from outside the domain or the domain (i.e. students will not receive email from outside domains like or etc.).

For more information on your child's privacy rights, refer to the documents and links on this page.


Your child will engage in learning and interact with instructional materials through the use of Google Classroom. Many of our teachers have taken the time to adjust a vast majority of their instructional materials to Google Classroom, thereby making the materials accessible wherever the students have access to the internet.

  • Assignments and class work may be submitted through Google Classroom. All of our teachers will use Google Classroom at varying levels; because not all subject matter will be appropriate for cloud-based learning.
  • Teachers may post lessons and demonstrations using screencast applications.
  • Teachers can make students' work available to parents through Google Drive.
  • Students may store all of their work in Google Drive.
  • Students and teachers may share documents and class materials smoothly, through Google Drive.
  • Students (grades 5-12) will receive a Google email account that will only send and receive mail to those with either a or email account*.
  • Students (grades K-4) will not have Google email accounts or gain access to the GMail app.
  • Students will have access to the core suite of apps, including Docs, Sheets, Slides, Mail, Calendar, Contacts and Google Classroom.
  • All Google files and email will be archived and available for audit.