Campus Parent

INFINITE CAMPUS is the student system currently used by Twin Valley. The student system helps the district maintain scheduling, grades, attendance etc. CAMPUS PARENT is the parents' portal into that system.

Campus Parent offers many features including access to your child's grades, attendance records, profile information and more: (

Below, you can peruse all the features Campus Parent has to offer.

*NOTE - The document below is inclusive of all possible functions within Campus Parent. TWIN VALLEY may not enable all features.

Online Payments/Fees FAQ

How do I pay for items online?

You must first have an Infinite Campus account. The "FEES" option can be found in the main menu of the parent's dashboard in Campus Parent.

Is there a transaction fee?

Yes. All transactions will include 3.6% transaction fee, charged at time of checkout.

Is the transaction secure?

Yes. All e-commerce transactions are securely encrypted.

Which types of credit cards does Twin Valley accept?

Visa, Discover, Master Card

How do I add a payment method?

  1. Login to Campus Parent, and begin by clicking the menu option for Fees.
  2. At the right, click My Accounts.
  3. Select Payment Methods and click New (at the bottom).
  4. Enter your payment information and then Save.

What items can be purchased through the online payments feature?

For now, Twin Valley will be using the online payments for invoicing Chromebook repairs - however, stay tuned! Twin Valley plans to make available payment of book fees, field trips, activity fees (and more) in the next few months!